Dealing with water damage in your home

Water damage is a very common problem and will most likely occur at some point in time. Anything can happen from a water heater bursting unexpectedly to indoor water damage caused by excessive storms and rain. No matter what the cause is, there is only one way to effectively deal with water damage to your home. Restoration can only be achieved through the services of a trained professional. This will ensure that your home retains its original look before the water damage occurred. However, before the professional help arrives there are some steps that you can take to protect your home and minimize the water damage.

After you have called professionals you should also call your insurance company to report the water damage. This will allow you to make a claim quickly and receive money to cover the cost of the repairs. It is recommended to take pictures and account for all damaged property. It is suggested that you move all important items near the water damage to a safe location. Therefore, take photographs and sentimental items out of cabinets that are close to the damage. It is also suggested that you move furniture and other items out of the way so that the actual damage can be assessed. In some cases, the carpet will be involved in the water damage, but you should not try to remove the water by yourself. Wait until professionals arrive to tend to the water damage.

If you want to dry out damaged areas of your home it can be beneficial to use fans and a dehumidifier to cause some of the water to evaporate. This will not get rid of all the water, but it will be sufficient until professionals arrive. Remember that you are not skilled or trained in water removal and shouldn’t try to do anything on your own. This will only cause more damage and more problems. In some instances, it is recommended to turn on your air conditioner, but you should not turn it to extremely cold temperatures. At a cold temperature, the water will not evaporate effectively. Therefore, just use your air conditioner intermittently at intervals. This will speed up the evaporation process before the professionals arrive. Once the professionals arrive they can effectively restore your home and fix the water damage to your Cape Cod home.


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