The professionals at Oceanside Restoration understand that confusion during times of crisis typically makes matters seem worse than they appear, which is why we have put together a collection of questions and answers that may help to deal with such adversity.
Should you have additional questions we have not covered, please call our office at 508-771-3110 and one of our restoration professionals will assist you.
My property has been damaged what do I do?

Contact Oceanside Restoration immediately so you know help is on the way. Report the damages to your insurance agent and tell them that Oceanside Restoration is responding. We are on the list of every local agency and they will recognize our name. If you call your agent outside of regular business they will direct you to a call center with 24-hour assistance to report your claim. Insurance companies insist that you, the homeowner, do everything in your power to mitigate the situation thus, having us respond immediately is critical.

Is my damage considered a covered loss?
Coverage depends on your policies underwriting. We can give you advice based on our past experience but we need to confirm coverage with your insurance adjuster who will be assigned to your loss.
I am confused by all the different people who are involved with my claim. Can you explain who they are?
Your insurance agent, who sold you your policy, is the insurance company’s representative. The insurance adjuster, who is assigned to your claim and actually visits your home, will work with us to approve and pay for the restoration based upon your insurance policy coverage limits. Oceanside Restoration, your restoration contractor, has been hired by you and will assist and take the stress and confusion away from you and work with all the parties to repair your damaged property while keeping you informed every step of the way.
I am being asked to sign an authorization form. What is it?
Oceanside will ask you to sign an authorization. This form allows us to begin working on your damage immediately and most importantly for you, allows us to negotiate the claim on your behalf and bill the insurance company directly.
Are We licensed and insured?
Yes, Oceanside Restoration holds Home Improvement and Construction Supervisor licenses in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has been in business for over 40 years. All of our employees are covered by our workers’ compensation insurance.
How does the claim get paid
Oceanside Restoration will provide a detailed repair estimate to the insurance adjuster using insurance approved software such as Xactimate and Veddar. Your adjuster will review and approve the estimate and issue payment to you, less your deductible. The deductible is generally your only out of pocket expense and is due by completion of drying or before reconstruction if needed.
Do I have to hire the contractor my insurance company recommends?
No. The insurance company can recommend you use someone where they have had good results, though it is not legal for them to force you into a contractor of their choice. The decision is yours to make. Just be sure the scope of work is agreed upon with your insurance company and contractor.
How long will my restoration take?
The turn-around time for your restoration services depends on the type and size of the loss. Please contact our office to provide information on your loss and we will calculate our best estimation of time needed to complete the job. Remember, your assistance is needed to make timely selections such as carpeting; paint colors etc., during the repair stage since lead time on orders vary.
Will you bill my insurance company directly?
Yes, we work with all insurance companies and deal directly with your adjuster to agree upon the scope and price of work.
Am I allowed to upgrade any materials or make changes to my floor plan while the reconstruction takes place?

Yes! We will work with you to rebuild your home any way you want. Many of our customers take this opportunity to make improvements to their home while the house is under repair. We extend our discounted builders pricing to you on upgrades on materials for your home throughout the restoration process.

I received the insurance payment and the mortgage company’s name has been included. What do I do?
The check will need to be sent in and/or endorsed by the mortgage company. We will work with your mortgage company and provide them with the necessary claim documents so they can process the insurance payment. They will process the payments so that work can progress. Depending on the insurance payment amount and damages, your mortgage company will either issue you full payment or in stages.

Smoke & Fire Damage

My property has just suffered a fire. What do I do now?
If you haven’t already, contact your agent or insurance company and let them know that your property has suffered from a fire and that you have Oceanside Restoration on their way. Upon arrival we will inspect the damages, implement temporary solutions to prevent your home or business from further damages and work with your insurance company and adjuster throughout the restoration process, to get your home or business back to a pre-loss condition in as little downtime as possible.
How is my fire damage going to be repaired?

Fire and smoke damages require a highly specialized process in order to be returned to pre-fire condition. Methods for each smoke or fire damage restoration in homes or businesses vary. Oceanside Restoration are experts in fire damage restoration and will do what it takes to bring your property back to its original state or better, like the fire or smoke damage never happened. Oceanside uses dry ice blasting which has quickly become a preferred method for restoring homes and buildings affected by fire damage. Cleaning with dry ice removes smoke stains, mold, soot, and other contaminants while not harming the substrate.
The dry blasting method can also remove the unwanted materials that hold the undesirable smell associated with fire and water damageCourtesy of Continental Carbonic Products, Inc.

Do I have to get three bids before fixing my home?
Because Oceanside Restoration works with the industry-specific estimating software and pricing, your insurance company will have what it needs to approve your repairs immediately without having to waste time tracking down multiple bids from several different contractors.

Water Damage

My property is flooded with water!! What should I do?
First, stop the source of water if you can do so safely, then call Oceanside Restoration immediately! Oceanside Restoration is available 24/7 and can be at your home or business within 1 hour or less to remove all standing water and begin the drying process.

Contact us now at  508-771-3110 or toll-free 800-464-3318.

Due to the standing water does that mean that my carpet or flooring is ruined?
One of the biggest issues with water damage is the effect on floors and carpet. Oceanside Restoration understands these issues, and that’s why we try and get to your home or business as soon as possible – to prevent further damage to your flooring and facilitate the repair process. For carpeted areas and depending on the type of water damage that is present, you can expect the padding to be removed immediately as we try to salvage your carpet. For wood floors, tile, and laminate flooring, depending on the material, these flooring will be either dried in place or removed.
There is an odor now, should I be worried?
Lingering odors are normal during the drying process but will disappear after the structure is completely dry.
How long will it take to repair the water damage?
Depending on how much standing water is present, the extraction and repair can be completed in as little as minutes to a few hours. To completely dry the structure may take 3-5 days – sometimes even longer.
How do I know when my structure is completely dry?
Even though the walls or floor appear to be dry, the only way to detect the moisture content is by utilizing water detection instruments such as thermal cams and moisture meters. Our technicians take moisture readings at your home or business daily and will let you know when your structure is completely dry.

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