Recent awareness of respiratory and allergy problems has made the public, insurance industry and medical community aware of the need to effectively remove mold and areas affected by mold in our homes and offices using new scientific methods and equipment. Mold becomes an issue when moisture, warm temperatures, and organic material promote the growth of fungi, which releases spores into the air resulting in potentially adverse health issues.

Professionally removing mold from your home or office building requires specialized training. Oceanside Restoration’s team are trained and certified in mold remediation, and are equipped with the newest technology to safely remove and dispose of the fungi.

Testing may be required to determine the type of mold and the necessary remediation procedures required to make your home or office environment healthy again.

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Don’t trust your mold cleaning and proper removal to just any contractor. Call Oceanside Restoration and let our professionally trained staff do the mold remediation right the first time.

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